union u‧nion [ˈjuːnjən] noun
1. [countable] an organization formed by workers to protect their rights:

• If you decide to join the union you are encouraged to play an active part and to ensure your views are represented.

• a union agreement (= an agreement between a union and management about wages, conditions etc )

ˌcompany ˈunion
HUMAN RESOURCES a trade union established by a company for its workers, which is usually not part of the official trade union system:

• Under pressure from the company union, Toyota has promised to reduce work schedules.

ˈcraft ˌunion [countable] HUMAN RESOURCES ORGANIZATIONS
a trade union whose members all work in skilled jobs that involve making or doing things with their hands
ˈcredit ˌunion [countable] especially AmE FINANCE ORGANIZATIONS
an organization formed by a group of people working for the same company who save money together so that members can borrow at lower interest rates than at banks; = credit society Bre:

• an unofficial credit union where people group together to help each other with major purchases

ˌgeneral ˈunion [countable] HUMAN RESOURCES ORGANIZATIONS
a trade union whose members have different jobs in many different industries:

• The GMB is a general union, which means that anyone can join it.

ˌtrade ˈunion also ˌtrades ˈunion , ˈlabor ˌunion HUMAN RESOURCES ORGANIZATIONS
an organization representing people working in a particular industry or profession that protects their rights:

• The European Convention on Human Rights declared that everyone had a right to join a trade union.

• How has trade union membership changed in recent years?

• TGWU, the transport union

— trade unionist , trades unionist noun [countable] :

• She was an active trade unionist and had lately been elected a shop steward.

2. [countable] a group of countries with the same central government:

• the former Soviet Union

3. [uncountable] the act of joining two or more things together or the state of being joined together:

• The countries of the EU are in a process of ever closer economic and political union.

— see also credit union, customs union
— unionist noun [countable] :

• unionist leaders

* * *

unionist UK US /ˈjuːniənɪst/ US  /ˈjuːnjənɪst/ noun [C] HR, WORKPLACE
a TRADE UNIONIST(Cf. ↑trade unionist)

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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